Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Been busting my butt all week (Mondays are my Sundays) trying to get all my assignments in for class. This week we did portraits and facial studies, and I took complete advantage of my poor daughter, Amanda. She posed for all kinds of pictures while she was just absolutely miserable with the flu. Don't know what I'd do without either of my kids! Eric posed for some too, but Amanda went out of her way to let me do whatever needed to be done to finish my homework. The picture here is my finished final assignment. It's a bit stylized, but it is finished. All I can say, is that the professor had better be kind... This is only the 4th portrait I have ever drawn, and the others weren't very good! Hideous would be a better word. Anyway, here is a toast to all artist's muses, wherever they may be!
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