Friday, November 20, 2009

We Have a Gallery!

It would seem that the world creeps into the most desolate places, even here in Nowhere California. Last week, they opened a real art gallery here! Sometimes, the invasion is a good thing. There are actually quite a few decent artists here in this place, so finally having a venue to display our wares is lovely. And it puts to mind the inspiration that I need to get my act together and set up to show my work... At last! Everyone needs that jumping off point, eh, and I am no exception. I find it rather intimidating, though, because there is so much more to going professional than simply creating the art. There is the business of pricing, setting up websites and with it a professional looking logo, etc. And then there are those little annoying details like printing Business Cards ~~~ OMG, business cards!! Makes me wonder if I am truly out of my mind after all.

Well, dear friends, if you can think of any creative logo names, I would really appreciate hearing them. Thanks very much in advance. Happy weekend.
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