Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thought I would check in and say hello!

Thought I should check in and let the world know that I haven't fallen off yet. School is very busy as usual, but since I promised I wouldn't show off my nudes any more, I can't post them. My son is a Senior this year, and my daughter just started driving back in August, so needless to say the kids have had me running in three directions to Sunday. All good things, though, and aren't I lucky to be able to say that! A kid in college and one on the way, where DID the time go?!... I had a lovely time at my 30 year class reunion in September, saw lots of old friends and a couple of cousins I hadn't seen in many years, so it was a good time. It was tempered with a tragedy, though. The day after, one of my friends from the reunion passed away. Her husband came home to find her~~ turned out to be complications from diabetes. So sad!
And about a week ago, my uncle also passed away after a long bout with illness. He died the way he wanted to, though, out in the woods on a camping trip. We suspect he knew his time was near. When I have to leave this world, I truly hope I can go the way I want to go as well!
So, that is my life for the last short while. Did you miss me?! wink, I missed you too!!!
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