Friday, January 22, 2010


Good morning,
I have been thoroughly enjoying the morning, reading through all the very talented artist's blogs I have been finding. So many talented people out there in the blogsphere! I need to get a more professional looking page if I want to attract folks to come and read my drivel... Life has been good so far this year, taking a much needed break from classes for the holidays. But it is back to the grindstone once again come February, and I suppose in a way I am ready to try again. 

I've been looking at a couple of new techniques to try, some special paper clay thanks to the Ultimate Paper Mache site. It sounds like a sculpture medium I could really sink my teeth into. This isn't drawing, I know, but scrawling on paper has been less than satisfying lately. I have been working on portraits that don't look like who I am drawing! It sure would be a blessing to know just why they fail, too! I am totally at a loss, except to say that measurements are probably the biggest culprit. I need to bury my hands into 3D, and more tactile materials for a bit.

So don't forget to come by and say hello often. You are all so inspiring, and the encouragement always welcome. Bon!!!!
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