Saturday, April 10, 2010

The weather's no fun...

I surely hope that your weather is treating you better than here in the pacific northwest. We have been inundated for the last month or more with gusty storms that are full of everything from high winds, to hail, to buckets of water. Not to say that isn't pretty much normal for here (it IS normal!) but I frankly am ready to be done with it for a while... There have been a couple of short hours when the sun shone and spring promised a return, but they have been entirely too short-lived. I know that the seasons will change eventually. I have seeds sprouting all over in my kitchen windowsill, and they are what keep me going.

My kids are becoming adults now, and I am seeing them more and more infrequently. My son will be graduating from high school here in a minute or two, so when the summer arrives finally, I suspect I won't be seeing much of him any more. He wants to move up to where his grandma lives in Oregon. I won't be able to tell him not to since he's 18 now, but I really don't like the idea. Guess I'm not really ready to have them both gone. My daughter still lives here in the house, but she is rarely here. To be completely fair, she goes to college and has a job, so that is the majority of her day. She spends a good bit of time with her boyfriend, too, so you get where I'm going...

And so I have taken up my own small projects that take me away from the house, too. I work at a local ceramics shop, bartering work hours for kiln time. It's easy work, and I like the creative atmosphere there. Since I do all my classes online, it gets a bit confining here in the house all the time. I really needed the outside interests. It feels soooo good to have my hands in clay again!!!

I have posted a couple of recent projects from class, and my latest clay creation in my gallery. I am not sure how all my sculptures end up being fantasy creatures ~~ I envisioned this one in the beginning as a moose! Oh well. It still needs to be finished, but I thought you might have some suggestions on where the finishing should go ~~ colors, etc. Suggestions are welcome!

Take care everyone, and don't get blown away in this crazy weather.
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