Thursday, June 03, 2010

Same Stuff, Another Day

Wow, I thought I would post and let you know I didn't fall off the planet. The weather hasn't changed AT ALL since April; and neither has the rest of my life, really, so sad to say. Yet it never manages to be boring, just busy. True, we needed the rain, but this IS June, and even the Pacific Northwest is supposed to have a little time without it. Who'd thought the weather would be so crazy? Must be all that unrest as we travel towards 2012, eh? hahaha Like anyone really believes that stuff...

No new creations completed either, boo hiss. There really isn't a place to complete creations, though, at the moment. (We really need more space in this place.) It is because of currently being undaunted in the gardening department. All the veggies have been planted into pots instead of the yard, and we spend days hauling them in and outside into the sunlight as much as possible. That might sound ridiculous, but we refuse to give up the crop to weather or the snails ~~ either of which would make short work of them if they were outside all the time. The kitchen has been relinquished to being a makeshift greenhouse! But there are flowers popping out everywhere, so the work will eventually pay off with produce. There's a big picture window in the kitchen to allow some light for growth when times won't cooperate. And to be completely fair, I've only been out of classes for about a week, so there hasn't been much time to unwind and get creative. My son graduates from high school in a few days, as well, so there is another chunk of time and energy. Things will shift into Summer mode soon, and this place will become a creative machine. Silly, isn't it? Spending hours at homework each semester, but life only really gets invigorated about art when class is out. That's because the choice of subject matter becomes my own, and considerably more interesting! But you knew that... wink!

Well, dear friends, I suppose that just means I will have to live vicariously through your adventures, at least for the time being. Enjoy your worlds and your summers however you can, as I will, and don't work too hard!

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