Sunday, August 29, 2010

My first tomato!

Well, here it is, and isn't it beautiful!? I have had this tomato plant in a pot, and for months I have been dutifully toting in outside every morning and bringing it back inside every night. The poor plants from My Potted Garden looks like something out of Green Acres (Am I dating myself with that or what??) Anyway, here is the first, a lovely heart-shaped tomato. Almost too pretty to eat, but it sure was delish!!! There are 7 others just like it waiting their turn to get ripe, and I have 1 lone bell pepper, but it is getting there too. My cucumber plant made tons of pretty little yellow flowers, but no fruit. Oh well. This summer has been too weird to do anything serious with a garden! Cold, and really dry, we usually get at least one shower over the summer. Things are drier than I've seen them in a long time, although today it looks like we might get lucky.
Keep your fingers crossed!
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