Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So, there were the Olympics, the Perseid s were just darting across the night skies, all kinds of news and events in the world, including a controversial vice presidential candidate for Mutt Romney... yet my little corner of the world still seems small and uneventful. Which is OK, I mean, I am a simple person. There is a little garden in the back yard that is on the verge of being ready to harvest, a new semester to look forward to, a community ed ceramics course that I love, this year's edition of the Kerf is done and at the printers, so there is contentment here. I have been creating again, and it is a delight. It doesn't sound like much, though, when put down in writing. I guess there aren't too many people out there who lead truly exciting lives~~or if they do they are too busy to post on blogs about it. Heck, maybe they are just in different areas, and have to be looked for... Do you ever wonder what there is out there in the world that you might miss?
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