Friday, January 03, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, day 3

One of the best (and worst) parts of being creative is that I love the push the boundaries of what I know. So consequently I have done LOTS of different projects, just to see what happens. And that means I have even more unfinished projects that didn't get completed for one reason or another.

Today I took stock of some of those unfinished projects with an eye on completing them during this year. I think I have more than enough to do for several months of just getting stuff finished. After all, that is the goal of this challenge ~ to be creative every day. Perhaps that will be a reason to check in here every day, since you will never know what it is I will be working on (hint, hint!)

Or you can just come by and feed the fish. (Clicking inside the green area will create dots of food that the fish will tear around eating. The more clicks, the more food. Thankfully, you can't overfeed these guys!) I like the fish, don't diss the fish! I come by here and just play with them when I need to get meditative. I hope the person who invented this got a lot of money or at least recognition.

Anyway, today I got out the Nutcracker ornament I was working on for my son, and decided to finish it so I could pack it away with the rest of Christmas. Cross stitching is done here on the left. I was going to mount it on a board with a fabric backing and beads for trim. Until I was pressing the cloth flat and it actually ripped, a first. So in the end, this is what it looks like finished. I think my son will like it.
                                                               One down, many to go.

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