Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge day 4

This is fun, like the due date from school at midnight, but instead of every Sunday, its every day...

Today was a day of incompletes, but that is OK. The clay cat is still too wet to add the details to. I was going to finish another small sewing project, but instead I decided to work on a painting I started on Monday. Now, before I get any further, I am not very experienced in painting, especially watercolors. In a nutshell, I really need to practice! I have it in my mind to do a snowscape, and to show the texture of the snowflakes falling if possible, and in this kind of painting, coarse Kosher salt is the answer. It draws the paint up and makes these cool specks in the surface of the paint. But it has its own timetable; salt cannot be rushed if you want the full effect. So I washed on the sky and salted it, and it took 3 days for the salt and paint to dry before the salt could be wiped off. If you look closely you can see the salt texture. 
I tried to do some background tonight, it's too red, really. Tomorrow once it dries another layer of blue tint can be added. But then again, I may leave it and see what it looks like when more of the background is incorporated. You can see where there was a puddle of paint that left a very noticeable spot in the mountain range tonight. And the paint separated in the lower right corner. And there is a big patch of blue that ran in the sky that I have to address at some point. See how much practice is necessary?!

But this is good. A video log can be kept to record my progress here. So goodnight for now.

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