Monday, January 06, 2014

2014/365 Day challenge, Day 5

Well, I'm afraid nothing got created today.

Every have one of those days? You worked all day and had nothing to show for it? That happened here. Company today, and my daughter and I cooked Good food, followed by a long lull. Not a bad thing, resting and chatting! Cleaned the kitchen, did a bunch of dishes, all standard. We watched a movie, I slept through part of it, again, pretty standard. And half the day was gone!

Then there was the total waste of time when I thought I'd go over the nuts and bolts of this page and make sure everything is up and running correctly. Why did I do this? That IS a question! I am an older woman, and frankly not techn-savvy. My doing troubleshooting is like Bugs Bunny opening up a gourmet restaurant~~ COMPLETELY out of my line of knowledge! But did that stop things??? The intent is to learn and expand my creativity, right, and the business end of all that must be eventually learned as well. Only not today...

I did manage to read up from my art books about some techniques and texture I want to put into my watercolor. I watched a video on painting, too. I did a bit of bartering for goodies: one of my stuffed animals for some hand made lotion bars that I am excited to try. And I almost forgot, I made some jerky, too, doe that count? So the day wasn't a total wash. This getting into the creative swing again was a bit tougher than I had hoped it would be.

But keep coming back, please. I am determined to make this challenge work! Goodnight.
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