Tuesday, January 07, 2014

2014/365 Day Challenge, Day 7

This is actually a lot of fun, I am surprising myself with what the project of the day will be.

Oh, OK, today I didn't do anything that was art related, but it was creative. My daughter and I had to re-build a bookcase. Hers was molding so badly on the back (the side facing the wall, and not even touching the wall~ there was at least 4 inches of airspace back there!) that we had to tear off the entire back, measure and go to the hardware/lumber store and have them cut new panels. Then it was trudging the pieces back to the house; sanding, priming and painting the new backboards. We also had to clean the walls, and the books, not fun! But the panels are in the garage drying, the books and walls are all clean again, too. The house got aired out, and while the place is a bit in shambles, it is only temporary. She and I developed quite a rhythm during the process: I laid down a layer of paint with a big brush, she went over things with a roller to smooth and even out the layers. They came out really nicely. We have a bit of finish-up to do in the morning, but I think we can count that as part of today's adventure. 

I would like to finish my cat sculpture, but it still hasn't dried out enough, which is not only a bit puzzling, and also really frustrating. Our house it awfully cold, so I am not totally surprised at the extended dry times. Good thing I am not on a deadline... So I will close this post a bit early, and wish you all a good evening.
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