Thursday, March 13, 2014

2014 Art Challenge, who knows what day...

This is a good challenge for me, it keeps me honest. Honestly! It puts the idea of using my hands and imagination to make something in my face, every day, and it gets me thinking about what I could do to create it. An while I might not have something to show for it every day, I Do do at least one creative thing every day. Today, I finished my wall where the handyman repaired it. I finally got it primed, painted and now the bookcase is back where it belongs, yeah! Sooo happy about that.

Then I took my hermit self, and my portable art supplies, and went to the overlook to paint at the tables in the sunshine. Its a gorgeous place at the end of a park with a little circular parking area that literally falls off into the ocean just past the tables, so the view is outrageous. Folks like to go there and watch the sunset, or eat lunch. The seagulls and the ground squirrels know this, though, and they kept circling me, expecting food to drop for them. (50 seagulls circling about your head in frustration is more than a bit disconcerting, lemme' tell you!) But I seemed to be as much of an entertainment as the birds and furry clowns, though, because people kept getting out of their cars and walking behind me~~ I guess to get a look, or at least see if the birds had used me for target practice yet...

 I didn't get very far. The wind kicked up shortly after I got there, and things started rolling around the table in spite of my best organizational efforts.  I started a postcard sized painting with some water brushes I've never used before (that was fun!) and some solid watercolor stick pencils. I brushed the nibs over the pencils, lifted off color, and washed it onto the paper. The texture of the paper wasn't working, though! I think it was a good day anyway, even without a lot of achievement! Sun, surf, people smiling, I was out of the house~ Good day! Hope yours was great, too!!!
waterbrushes~ messy but fun!
Where'd that tail come from? And no way do you see where it dripped... You don't? The tail is probably hiding it!

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