Friday, April 04, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, April 3

Today was another good day, must be the weather. I have made a total of 22 clay ornaments, lots of different styles, and had the best time making them. Only someone was dumb and didn't take photos. (You know who!) Oh well. Keep your fingers crossed, I really hope that they turn out!!!

 I got back three of my finished pieces, which was very surprising. I wasn't sure how long my teacher would be creating, but she fired other folk's work after hers went a kimbo. She had three plates with weird sharp glazes, and four others that split apart during her last firing. That was a big loss! I felt really bad for all the work that was destroyed. Just goes to show that no one is immune to crappy results with clay... My finished work was nothing to write home about, but they were pieces from my last session that needed to be glazed. I also threw three decent dishes, so it was a very productive day.

Goodnight everyone. I hope your day was equally productive!

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