Wednesday, April 09, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, the bear and I

Well, as of tonight, I have 37 small ceramic ornaments in the works. I started 7 more today, and as soon as I can take them out of the cutters that I am shaping them in, I can add the designs and take them to be fired. There are also 7 bowls in various stages of green-ware. I am getting quite a collection of pieces to be bisqued, so with luck soon I will be busy doing the next phase. That means sanding out any imperfections, and putting on under-glazes and glazing. It will be so nice to see the finished products! I have been making some Asian noodle bowls for my daughter, I had thrown four but one blew up, so I will make a couple more just so she has a few to choose from. She also wants a holder for her kitchen utensils, so it's my first commission! Yeah!

Today I also sat down and sculpted a bear. It wasn't going to be a bear originally, but that is what it will end up as. I haven't finished sculpting it, the clay was too wet and soft for any real details. It will be small when it is finished, somewhere around three inches tall, maybe a bit more. There needs to be something in its paws, and some more details, and some various finishing, this is what there is so far.

 But now it is time for bed, so good might all!

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