Friday, May 23, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, Friday May 23rd

This took me a couple of days to do, but the stitching is finished.  Haven't decided what to make out of it yet, though. No ceramics class or Kerf this week, so sad! So I am on my own for events to keep me occupied! My son came by this week and built me a hoop-house to go on top of one of my raised garden beds, so I will probably go and replace the dirt in it (we pulled out long runner roots for the weeds) and then plant the veggies I got to put in my new greenhouse! I'm very excited, but it takes me a while to do stuff, so that will probably be my weekend project. I hope everyone out there has an equally enjoyable weekend, and Memorial day as well!
My latest project! I love this!!

My son built this for me to plant yummy veggies in! He is soooo sweet!

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