Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, May 16th

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

This week I made a cup in class. Something different. I finished an ornament for my quarterly exchange, and I finished my stash-buster rug. These are the kinds of things to do when there is nothing on the tube, its raining outside and boredom is knocking at the door... They were all fun, meditative type projects that don't require a whole lot of concentration. That is nice, just free my mind while I work on simple stuff!

Earlier today, though, I was very busy, weed eating in the back yard. Its embarrassing to say that it is hip deep back there, the ground was so soft I couldn't get a mower in, then when we got a few days of good sun, the whole place exploded with growth. This yard doesn't drain, so every year we always get this problem until things warm up. The bees love the buttercups, though... I actually have a small garden started in my raised beds: a full box of potatoes, and a smaller one with carrots and turnips, although I am thinking I will most likely put more roots in at least one of the empty boxes. Can't decide what to do with the last section though, maybe green beans or a bush cucumber. It's too cold really for tomatoes or bells, which is too bad, but I can get those at the farmer's market. I have some pots of garlic too, and one of strawberries. I just needed to be able to walk to them all! It was good timing, since the sun was out for just a short time after I finished, then started to rain. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

2nd Quarter Exchange Ornament

You can never have too many rugs, at least not at my place...

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