Friday, May 30, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, On Hippie Cups and Weirdly Purple Pottery...

I have a new set of pieces out of the kiln tonight~ and for the most part I am very happy with the results. There are more of the weird purple bowls this time, so obviously it is a defective container of glaze, but always I will be remembered for the Weirdly Purple Pottery. Nothing about the shapes, or the fact that they are much thinner and lighter than previous offerings. No, alas it will always be the color they'll remember... Oh well. I got some actually pretty nice sky blue bowls this time, too, that will end up in my personal crockery to use until they break. But the one I will keep, and TREASURE is my new Hippie Cup!

It is ugly, and wonderful~~ and it suits me perfectly! I love the fingerprints on the sides where I was holding it as I dunked it in the glazes. Or the awkward, ungainly design of the bowl and thoroughly unprofessional looking handle; because it fits my hand just right. I love the transitions of color along the sides, from the blues to the purples and the silky feel of the nutmeg on the bowl, so nice to touch while holding the cup. This beast looks like it could've been made by a Hippie, and it feels  and looks old; like it was made during that era. Everything I could ever ask for in a cup. It is Serendipity!

I hope there is something in your life that makes you as happy! Goodnight.
A Hippie Cup is a thing of Beauty !
It looks old, like it was made in the 70s by a Hippie
Even my fingerprints tell the tale~ It belongs to Me!

Can you  believe these were glazed at the same time?
Its a good size, too bad no one will notice...
They'll only see the funky purple!

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