Friday, June 06, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge day 180 something...

There is something missing,  do you know where my fish went, do you see them? Up in the right hand corner, there used to be fish there, and you could feed them. Oh well, I will try to find something else to put there soon.

Today was a low energy day, a lot of pain left me cranky. That, and neighbors fighting all night last night. Not once, but TWICE they woke me out of a sound sleep going at it. Needless to say they are not too high on the happy list right now, ranking right there with the screaming kids across the street. Sigh, oh well!

Today was good at class, I threw my first really good plate! A huge accomplishment, when you think that really all I've been doing is bowls and sculptures. Some day it will be more than meager pottery~ I too, will make good art! There was some more glazing as well: two of the little horses ( I broke one, sad!) a star ornament and a bowl.

 Thrilling, isn't it?! Well, the weekend is almost upon us! So have a good Friday. Goodnight.
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