Saturday, June 07, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, Friday June 6th

Its Friday again, and the world changes so fast sometimes. One minute I am chatting and joking with a friend, the next she is being told her mother has died. She's on her way to see her father even now, and their lives have changed forever ~ in one minute. We are getting older, and this is the inevitable fate we all have to face; but no one is ever truly prepared for it. I will be praying for her and her family for many nights to come. I myself lost an aunt recently. Although that is not the same as a mother, it is that loss that makes the world one family, with a shared experience.

Today was one of  my days at the Kerf, although lately we have been meeting twice a week. Now that classes are over and papers graded, the professor can turn his full attention to the poetry. He wants his summer though, so I can't deny him his precious time off. So we will double our efforts to get this edition finished and off to the publishers. We are actually very close to having all the submissions we need to create the book, then with a little bit of care, we can have it done in no time. I love poetry, I even came home and wrote some. Bad poetry, to be sure, but still I put it on paper. Will I ever be known for my writing skills? Highly Unlikely! But that's OK. And for good poetry or bad, it is a creative process, and so counts for my challenge. 

Have a wonderful weekend. There is a farmer's market tomorrow, the first Saturday market of the year. It will be good to see the stalls lined with wares. Sunday there is a potluck with the local farm where much of the produce is grown, and my teacher in ceramics is also one of the owners. I have to figure out something to bring. So I will go for now. Goodnight.
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