Friday, June 20, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, June 19th

Thursday, and it was another day to pick up glazed work. I got one striped bowl and a star shaped ornament that came out really well. The image stands out in sharp relief where the lace had been imprinted upon it. I also got my ponies back and they were really quite nice. One of the women in class thought so, too and I ended up giving them to her. They were glazed in the same warm toasty brown as my bowl, with white manes and tails. They were rough and a bit abstract, and just as small as I thought they would be. Too bad the camera wasn't around to take pictures of them. I sort of wish I had kept them, but she fell in love, so couldn't say no... It makes me happy they ended up in a good home!

I tried to throw a pitcher on Tuesday, with a handle that I actually pulled correctly. Today, though, the handle didn't fit, sot ended up in the scrap. The vessel turned out OK, it got trimmed, along with another bowl. One of these days there will be something new in my finished pieces besides bowls! The owl and the other ornaments that were made the other day should go into firing any time. Nothing new got thrown today, it is really getting too late to start something new. There are only two more classes left before the teacher goes on leave. I hope my last pieces get done so they get glazed, but actually, that is rather doubtful. But you never know! 
This transparent teal shows off the details. It will be a good orament!

I detect a theme here!

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