Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2014/365 day art challenge, practicing! July 22

Today was busy doing a lot of busy work. Even my horoscope has mentioned being anxious to do art, and I don't know whether the sun and moon influences things or not. Horoscopes are just for fun, I don't take them at all seriously, but sometimes they hit a little too close to home!

 I did manage to try my hand at some watercolor clouds. It was fun to see them start to take shape, and with any luck tomorrow I can finish the painting. I have to quit psyching myself out by staring at the darned thing all the time, worrying to do more to it for fear of messing it up. Its only paper! They aren't all going to be masterpieces, and even if this doesn't come out well, it was good practice. The more paintings, the better they will become! Yet, I still hesitate. Which is just plain silly because it feels really good while I'm painting. The process of just to be creating something; good or bad. The itch to create is intensifying, and its because there is no class to get my ya ya's out with.

Wish me luck, and keep you posted!

Clouds. Fun to make, now I just need to finish this!

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