Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Garden update, July 23, 2014 Our first pumpkin flower!

OMG there are so many tomatoes! They are determined on escaping out the top of the greenhouse.!! There are sooo many flowers getting squished. But a blasted slug has wreaked havoc in there, and ate almost all the basil and part of the bells... But the bells are loaded too. So the hoop house is a complete success! I harvested the celery today, and checked the carrots. They are coming on fast. The rest of the garden is happily progressing right along, too.

But the big news is the pumpkin~ It escaped the box, finally and is working along the ground. And the first flower has bloomed, with at least 6 to shortly follow in the next couple of days. I see at least 16 flowers all over, so I have to decide if I want fewer, larger pumpkins or let them all grow. I know there are two sexes of flowers, so I hesitate on picking them.

snails have been eating my peppers! waaaa

My first pumpkin flower, and at least 5 more!

second bell, loaded with half eaten fruits... *&^%$

strawberries taking over bed, more carrots in tub and the potato.

more carrots, parsley and cilantro. Spinach is starting to flower, wonder if I can get seeds?
my celery, lots of leaves, but that's OK, I eat them too.
more pics of the pumpkin flowers, and all the carrots and onions under it.
hard to see the peas.

They're escaping! and getting squished at the top.
some tomatoes, peeking out.

the pumpkin is escaping, too.

more tomatoes peeking out, and these aren't all of them...

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