Saturday, August 02, 2014

Life is Life, and mine is stagnant...

I think that somewhere in the world, someone is stealing my fun! I don't have any anymore. There are things to do, not just sitting motionless in the house, twiddling my thumbs (very much) I miss class, and while I am painting some, and working on ornaments some, and gardening a lot; there is a rather large hole in here. Physical therapy shouldn't be the highlight of my week. Even the Kerf is almost finished, so it is down to the work part. But that will be done in a few more sessions.

I just don't have any motivation! Can't tell you why, it's just not there. Sigh...

There are more than a dozen pumpkin flowers open now, and at least 5 females, so far so good. I didn't realize not all the blossoms would end up being a fruit. I will be happy with whatever I end up with, and since they are pie pumpkins, maybe a swap with a few for other produce later on. It is so cold here, surprising they have done so well. Positive thoughts, and tender care for my surprise crop! 

My daughter came by overnight last night, and then she went on with her boyfriend up to Oregon to visit friends. They will be back on Sunday. My nephew is supposed to be coming down tomorrow or the next day to stay before he has a job interview on Monday. It will be good to see the kids again. Guess this is destined to be the stay-over place! Goodnight.
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