Friday, August 08, 2014

Garden update for Juanito

     Life is finally settling down after a very busy week of family visits! From the 2nd to the 6th I had three different sets of people stay with me. my daughter and boyfriend; my son, nephew and a friend was two; and the final set was another nephew with his girlfriend and his baby. Lots of people! Mostly I am the sleep spot, shower, laundry and kitchen. About what you'd expect from young people. Oh well... But things have settled down again, and I am getting things back in order.

     Today I worked in the garden for almost two and a half hours. I had to weed-eat the never-ending mass of buttercups and bindweed, then weed and water the planters. But there is some nice progress there, so no complaints! There are many good things to eat in store for the near future. And I have black bell peppers! I've never seen them before. My orange bells are still green, but the ones I thought were going to be purple are black as ink. I don't know if they are ripe yet, though I hope they are tasty. There are handfuls of plump strawberries all over; tomatoes that are finally beginning to ripen; carrots that are almost ready; and at least three baby pumpkins! The pumpkin plant is literally bursting with blossoms, mostly male, although there are several female flowers that are developing, and many just opening, so there will be more fruit in time. I will have a very nice harvest if they all survive! Pumpkin for pies and cooking, yummmm!

     There is still so much to do, though, because the pear and apple trees are both dropping fruit at the same time now! No doubt they are dropping early because of the dry weather, but the weeds are hip deep and I need to hustle and cut them down so I can find the fruit as it falls, and not just walk beneath the trees and hope I can feel the fruit in the grass without stepping on it.

     I've done a bit of art practice recently, but not anything that will produce a final piece. I will have a bit more time to do that again now that the family is tucked back into their nests. For being an art blog, there sure isn't much art to show for it. That's OK, I keep busy and that is always good.
                                                       Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Soon to be orange. Had three others but the bugs got them, grrrr.
These are hard to see, but there are 3 black bell peppers here!


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