Sunday, August 17, 2014

Garden update, August 17, 2014

Does anyone know any recipes for apples and pears? The pears are dropping so fast now! My daughter and her boyfriend came on Saturday and mowed down the jungle under the trees, and now I can see all the stuff I've missed. There is Lots of fruit that is rotting, but I couldn't see it. No wonder there are wasps everywhere. I pick up what I can, but it is far from enough, and more will rot before I can get to it. The dehydrator goes non stop, and I've canned a bunch, and tried my hand at fruit leather. I think it turned out OK, kinda sticky though. I'm exhausted and frustrated. But that is life!

The Kerf should be ready to go to the printers this week, and that at least is good news. It is always exciting to see all the months of work culminate into a book that I can hold. If anyone is interested in a copy, please let me know either here, or on my facebook page.

Johnny, the pumpkin is up to 6, one rotted, but there are still even more flowers coming on. The ones that are developing are now the size of a grapefruit! I will post photos tomorrow. Amanda told me to tell you hello and sends hugs.

So have a good week everyone. I have no idea if anyone even reads my posts, but I keep posting anyway, just in case. I think the Art Challenge has been put on hold for now, I am just not in the mood to create right now. Maybe after the trees get done... Goodnight!
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