Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gardening into September

Well, things are progressing nicely. The pumpkins are about the size of honeydew melons, the carrots are getting finished and there are tomatoes and peas popping up everywhere. I get lots of strawberries too. Its going to be bulb planting here any minute, garlic and flowers that bloom in February will all have to be put in the ground. A new project! I have to decide what is going in for the fall crop too. The best part of gardening is that there is always something to do.

The Kerf went off to the printers on Friday, so now it is hurry up and wait. It is a really nice issue. The pears are just about finished, just in time for the apples to start falling in earnest. It all works out, and at least the apples keep better than pears do~ if you don't use them within a day or two, they get mushy and not very pleasant to work with. 

More soon, enjoy your week and the good weather while it lasts!

a typical day's harvest

peas are just starting to make pods

   all the pumpkins are about the size of a soccer ball

look at how many tomatoes are in this photo! Three different bunches

They keep growing and growing!

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