Thursday, September 04, 2014

September 4th Getting Creative with Frugality

You know, my horrorscope told me today to be thrifty, because I have a big bill ahead of me. This hit a bit close to home, because my car insurance is due next week, (definitely a big bill!) So I decided not to tempt fate. And while she ain't pretty, it is definitely frugal and (somewhat) creative. I took pasteboard canned cat food boxes, sliced em up, and added some pieces my daughter started a while back but the cats didn't seem interested in. Two glue sticks and a handful of catnip later, and viola'! They've been back and forth clawing and sniffing their little hearts out for over half an hour! Gonna be some tired sleepy kitties tonight!!! There was a reason I always brought those boxes home~ aside from the fact that they like to sit in them... They're cats! I don't ask.

The wind has been crazy this entire week, and my poor tomato plant has been practically blown apart, poor thing! It is just starting to really put on the ripe fruit, so it has had an extra dose of TLC. I've been able to find at least one or two a day that are red, but never end up making it into the house. Er, hmmm, yeah! Pray it gets through the end of the season after all this windy abuse! The bell peppers are getting heavy, they will be delicious soon. Carrots are now bigger than fingers. Peas are starting to pop and there is one more potato plant that will need to be harvested eventually. The pumpkins seem like they sprang up suddenly,and are now bigger than basketballs! My parsley and cilantro are about done, so that whole end of the box will soon be empty. I think this is where my garlic bulbs will go. The pear is done, and the apple is now dropping at least my largest bread making bowl full a day. There are two boxes of fruit on my kitchen table right now, someone can come get them any time!!!! Please! 

Have a great weekend. Tomorrow we get the galley for the Kerf, which means if all is well, the book will be published by next Friday!!! Yeah!! The end of the year, you gottta love it~~~

A bit of time, a little glue and catnip! Ain't she perty!?

Abbie gives it the Feline Seal of Approval!
The old one is felted, they've used it so much... Look at that pretty orange belly!

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