Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge,and the sunny, foggy day. July 20th

Haven't given up on the art challenge, not at all. In fact I painted yesterday! Today was destined for lots of photos for reference and talking to some really nice folks in the bargain! I can't believe I walked into a man's back yard that was facing the sea off a cliff, walked right into his back yard! and asked if I could take photos of his boat. The little sailboat was sitting pretty as you please on an outcropping of rocks, and he was enjoying a beer and painting his back door. Very friendly, and he didn't seem too surprised I was there... Perhaps the lovely thing has been photographed before? Anyway, the Barney B is adorable and by golly, I'm gonna paint her! Haven't decided if she will be set afloat or leave her as she sat in the yard, though. A good day to walk, lots of tourists about, but my goal was perspectives of our lighthouse from varying distances. Sadly, Those shots are all only OK. The lighthouse is a good subject, and the day very obliging, but they just didn't come out as inspiring as I had hoped they would. There was a point when I walked behind the beach front hotel and chatted with the tourists on their balconies while shooting. They were all drunk; either from the intoxicating scenery-- or just drunk. Want an interesting image to ponder? Mennonite women with their little white caps hanging their legs all over the balcony railing and drinking, being rather anti-social! Those hotel rooms must go for an arm and TWO legs, so I hope they got their money's worth. An older couple next to the Mennonite snobs did chime happily into a conversation, though; asking what I was photographing, where I lived, etc. I guess now that my hair is greying people see me in a different light than they used to. I find that the older vacation-eers are generally much more agreeable than the younger summer crowds!

Sigh, our bread and butter in this town...

I need to go out and do those weird shots from lots of angles no one uses, and find something Different. Then do it a great injustice by attempting to put it on paper or canvas. Perhaps an abstract, although I've never done one. Only time and my Muse will tell!

Can you imagine this as your back yard!?

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