Wednesday, July 02, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, something completely different...

Well, today was interesting. I've begun cooking for when my daughter arrives for a visit on Thursday. I am so excited about seeing her, and it is fun to have someone to cook for! I made a care package over the weekend for my son Johnny's birthday on Monday, all sorts of sweets. Hey, that's what he asked for! After building me garden boxes its a small thing to do~

Glazed my last pieces for class. It was a very mellow evening, everyone was busy with getting things done, and I spent a bit just chatting with folks. Julie Jo liked her blanket, that made me happy. So the night ended with smiles.

When I got home, the urge hit me to start some mixed medium paintings, just for something new to do. Admittedly, these types of paintings are new to me, but they really got the creative juices flowing!. Now, they don't look like much right now, but call these backgrounds. There are layers of gouache and watercolor, then I tossed salt on one and bruised the paper. The third one, well, it isn't as successful as I might like, but an odd thing happened: a face is forming of its own accord. A perfect set of teeth, and lips and the tip of the nose just sort of appeared. So this one will take a bit of extra special creativity, but that is what makes them fun! Looking at them conjures up all kinds of finishing possibilities, and that is why I did it, to shake things up! Combined with the day's mood in general, it has lifted my mood considerably!

Tomorrow I have to go get the results of a biopsy they did last week, so at least I am not as anxious, and I needed that! Keep your fingers crossed...

I can imagine everything from a night sky waiting for stars, to an underwater grotto, looking for a mermaid. How about a Koi pond? This one has potential!

This is totally different, and a bit wild for my usual tastes. I played with this one, threw salt on it and bruised the paper with a spiral design. The idea was not to think, just do, and let things happen as they would!

This one is, well, call it a work in progress! Interestingly, though, can you see the mouth, and the tip of the nose forming almost in the center of the paper? I didn't paint that, it just "happened." This one will be fun and then some to finish!

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